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Work in progress.

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May your lipstick be the reddest and your eyeliner be symmetrical.

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"You don’t quit, you figure out how to make it work."



It’s so frustrating when you’re like the only person who can see how evil and sneaky someone is and everyone else is like blind to it

this was my high school life lol


people who randomly decide to compliment you are so important

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life goal: go shopping and never look at the price tag.

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august 12, 2014

new york city was extra cloudy and picturesque today

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Tuesday August 26th, the Belgian feminist activist group Lilith’S took Liège airport by storm to condemn the airport authorities’ role in supplying arms to Israel. Under a banner bearing the slogan “HOW MANY TONS OF WEAPONS FOR SO MANY LITERS OF BLOOD ? “, the activists spilled a hundred liters of fake blood, creating a red pool to symbolize the slaughter committed by Israel in Palestine.

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